Michael Ottosson

Michael Ottosson
Cinematic composer



My name is Michael and I'm a Swedish composer. As a child, my parents introduced me to all kinds of music and encouraged me to start playing piano and the viola. Even though our home was filled by the music of ABBA and choirs, I soon discovered the world of instrumental, orchestral and film music.

My music has found its home in the styles of cinematic and ambient genre and the opportunity to be able to get up in the morning and write whatever comes to mind, is a true blessing. I strongly believe that every creative work starts with a journey within yourself to discover what really matters. 

Have a listen and get back to me if you have questions or are interested in a collaboration!


Release of cinematic album 'In a heartbeat'

I am so proud to finally be able to introduce this album to you! This is a collection of 11 songs written over the last 2 years, quite energetic, epic and overall cinematic. Feel free to check it out in your favorite online way! 

In a heartbeat - Album cover 3.jpg

Listen to it via Spotify here:

Buy it from iTunes here:

To license any of these songs, please visit Select Music Library:


Featured artist at Select Music Library

I've been selected as a featured artist at upcoming Select Music Library. Their site will be open in early 2018 and from there you could license my songs for your needs!

Have a listen to my song 'Baby steps' which will be part of this library!


Trailer music for DU Films 2017 

I've completed the trailer music for Ducks Unlimited series trailer. Video production made by Rock Road Creative.

Check out rockroadcreative.com and ducks.org!